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8 May The Visa Application Process in Spain

As I am sure you already know, on the 14th of March, Spain declared a National Emergency, resulting in heavy disruption for all. From one day to the next we saw ourselves forced to stay at home, putting our work on hold with the exception of those lucky enough to be able to continue their work on-line. Last weekend marked the beginning of the process of “de-escalation towards a new normal”, as announced by the Spanish government. We now find ourselves able to take to the streets at designated times and begin to open up our businesses in keeping with the government’s phase-based guidelines, albeit still unclear to the general public. 

In the case of study programs offered by independent language schools; most students who remain in Spain have been able to continue their studies on-line until further notice. Those who remain in Spain yet have still to receive their “TIE” card, must wait until immigration offices are opened. According the schedule, they will be opened on May 25 from 9 am to 9 pm. Which means that those who want to renew their NIE, can do it starting from May 25. We will keep you updated.

What is the procedure for students who remain abroad having already been accepted on their course having completed the necessary visa requirements? What will happen to those residing outside of Spain who wish to begin their studies? As we have already explained in the previous article, overseas students in possession of a residency permit may return to Spain without facing problems; however, those who have only just completed the student visa process must await the approval of their visa by the Spanish embassy pertaining to the country in question. The majority of these aforementioned students have already begun their studies online, awaiting further instructions. As of this moment, local embassies are open, however will only attend to internal affairs, such as the repatriation of foreign nationals. 

We have heard from a student who posed this question in the Spanish embassy in Moscow, as the dates specified on her visa coincided with those of the state of emergency. The response given stated that her visa would be cancelled and her entry dates would be modified on her passport as soon as entry to Spain were to be permitted. Furthermore, those whose visas have been approved pending the inscription of their visa dates on their passport, must wait for embassies to open and the issue of new dates. The government has not issued any statement regarding the matter given that the aforementioned de-escalation process has been given full priority. In any case, the response seems to be logical. We await official confirmation.

In BCN LIP we encourage all those interested in studying with us to begin applying for a Spanish student visa, taking advantage of the huge discounts we have made available during the quarantine period. Besides, we hope to soon be able to welcome all those students residing abroad who are impatient to come and study in our school!

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