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FAQ – Friday classes

You may check your schedule on this link.

The classes that take place outside the classroom, such as immersion classes and the Cineclub, are 100% in-person. The workshops for spelling and phonetics, listening comprehension, culture, and DELE are hybrid, meaning that if you cannot attend the class on a specific day, they can be done online.

It depends on your attendance during the week. There are 3 cases:

  • If you only attend grammar and conversation workshops or general courses from Monday to Thursday – In that case, Fridays are mandatory as you need to earn more credits.
  • If you attend grammar workshops and general courses from Monday to Thursday – You only need to choose one of the classes: immersion or DELE workshops, for example (check the options for your level at, in order to reach 80% completion.
  • If you attend grammar workshops and general courses from Monday to Thursday – If you attend classes and also choose workshops to earn 6 credits on Fridays, you will have completed 100% of the credits and will receive honors.

If you have attended regularly and have been absent for justified reasons while keeping the teacher informed, your interest and effort will be taken into consideration. Don’t worry, the teacher will give you the credits.

Two months before the end of your course, Irada will get in touch to inform you. For now, you should wait for the level changes in all subjects, and your achievements will be converted into credits.

It depends on the number of credits you need to recover. Irada will provide you with a recovery plan. If two months before the end of your course you have completed less than 40% of it, recovery is not feasible, and you will receive a level certificate based on a final exam.

No worries, the teacher will assess your overall progress and take into account the justified reasons for your absence.


Yes, in all classes and activities. However, keep in mind that the exam is not the most important thing. We value effort and day-to-day development above all. Language learning is an organic process.

They count as 3 credits and can help increase your grade to honors or assist you in recovering credits. The Cineclub lasts for 12 weeks, and you should attend the majority of the sessions. At the end of the 12 sessions, you will receive the credits.

First and foremost, make sure you have read the information on our website (

The credit system is designed to improve the following: • Assess your learning process throughout the course rather than focusing on a single test • Evaluate all the subjects you undertake • Incorporate immersion classes as a fundamental part of your learning experience • Allow for a more flexible program that considers your needs

You will receive a final recognition for your efforts, as you will obtain two types of certificates: • Achievement Certificate (80% course completion) • Honors Certificate (90-100% course completion)

The Honors Certificate is a special certificate awarded to students who have completed at least 90% of the credits. With this certificate, the school can offer you the following possibilities:

• Recommendation letter – You can attach it to your resume or use it for university applications

• Renewal discount – Exclusive discount for students with an Honors Certificate.

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