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Current schedule and cancellations

Here you can find the schedule for this week, latest updates, cancellations and bank holidays. Please, consult this page regularly to be aware of any changes.

Bank holidays

The school is closed due to the bank holidays on the following dates:

2020: January 1, January 6, April 10, April 13, May 1, June 1, June 24-26, August 15, September 11, September 24, October 12, December 8, December 25-26.

Class cancellation

In case you can’t attend the classes, please fill in the form below. We would like to remind you that we can only save the classes that were cancelled through this form 8 working hours before the class. You can use your saved classes during 1 year after the cancellation date.

Current schedule (from 07/09)


9.30 11.40 13.30 17.00 19.00
A1 new  Mayka A1 u.6 Lola A2 u.3 Ferran A1 new Karina A1 new Rafa
A1 new  Miguel A1 u.6 Ferran A2 u.7 Karina A2 u.6 Rafael Lunes / Miércoles
A1 u.7 Ferran B1.2 u.7 Eli B1.1 u.3 Andres B1.1 u.6 Rafa A1 new Meritxell
A2 u.3 Andres B2.2 u.2* Marian B1.1 u.7 Javi C1 u.A Miguel B1.1 u.3 Rafael
B1.1 u.5 Moha C1 u.10 Mayka         Martes / Jueves
B1.2 u.1 Lola             A1 u.3 Meritxell
B1.2 u.5 Noelia             A1 u.8 Karina
B2.1 u.6 Javi             A2 u.6 Rafael P.
C2 u.6* Marian                

*online groups

Other languages

Catalán Inglés Francés
9.30 A1 u.1 9.30 L/X B1.1 u? 19.00 L/X A2 u.6
17.00 B1 u.4 9.30 M/J C1 u.12 19.00 M/J A1 new
    19.00 L/X A2 u.8    
    19.00 L/X A1 (oct) Italiano 
        19.00 M/J A1 (oct)

L/X – Monday and Wednesday, M/J – Tuesday and Thursday. Oct – classes start in October

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