From the very beginning, we have worked to offer more and each day in terms of language education and activities. Thanks to the success of our courses and the response from our students, we have grown understanding what is expected and needed in learning a language. BCNLIP employs modern methods in language learning, but also remains traditional because of his family atmosphere and centennial architecture.

For us, each one of our students is special and for this reason we adapt to fit the rhythm and schedule of our students. For many of our students, BCNLIP is not only a language academy, but also a real life experience and a place where they learn in a positive and humane manner.

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Joshua Garber

We close the Month of Spirituality with the student of the month, Joshua Garber, a person that lives his spiritual side very deeply. His spirituality has brought him to Barcelona, where he does some inspiring missionary work. Here you can get to know a little bit more about him:

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