Here you will find general information about obtaining a student visa, information differing in origin country (if the information does not appear here, ask us, we have our legal assistents!)

NIE Application

If you are from a country in the European Union (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, The United Kingdom, The Czech Republic, Romania, and Sweden) or from Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, or Switzerland, you have the right to reside in Spain.

In any case, all students from a country in the European Union that stays for more than three months will have to apply for a foreign identification number (Identificación como Extranjero, or NIE) and identification card.


This document, which you will apply for at the foreigner office during the first 30 days of your stay, will permit you to stay in Spain as long as you are studying, and will allow you to travel anywhere within the European Union or countries Spain has an accord with. Securing a NIE and a Residence Card gives you the states of legal Spanish resident and makes a lot of processes easier. The Residence Card contains your NIE, your personal information your photograph, and your digital thumbprint. It’s necessary for obtaining certain things at home and in the city (banking, rental services, etc.).

The documentation that you will need to present to obtain the NIE, authorizing your stay here while studying is the following:

  1. Printed copy of Solicitud EX-17.
  2. Current type D passport with a visa and an entrance stamp to Spain.
  3. Enrollment form (or acceptance letter).
  4. Three ID card sized photographs.
  5. Receipt for payment of the fee, model 790 (code 012).
  6. Current empadronamiento (registration of residency certificate) which you can obtain at the City Council without an appointment.

As a general rule, the same day you present the documentation, you will also have your fingerprints taken and receive your provisional NIE number. While the application is processing, the provisional NIE is valid to prove your legal presence in Spain. Depending on the autonomous community you are in, the Commission will take anywhere between 15 days to three months to process your definitive authorization.


Residency cards are valid for one year and are renewable as long as your studies are ongoing and your current course follows on from your previous course. It´s important that you understand this point: you can change school but you can´t change academic level. It´s a good idea to consult us first and speak to a professional to see whether it is possible. For example, if you have a Masters and you want to extend your studies with a language course (Spanish), it´s possible if your previous Masters is in another language such as English.

The request form, in official model (EX-11), in its original and a copy, will be presented to its relevant office (Oficina de Extranjeros or, when not applicable, the Comisaria de Policia), or another official registrar, with the following documentation:

  • Passport or travel documentation. Only photocopies of your photo identity, visa and personal details are necessary.
  • Photocopy of your NIE (front and back sides)
  • Accredited documentation that states you have completed the requirements to continue your studies or research. It´s the accredited documentation showing your passing of the tests or requirements to continue your studies
  • Signature from your parents or teachers, in the case of being a minor.
  • Accredited documentation that shows you have sufficient finances for your stay in Spain. The minimum funds required are 600 euros multiplied by the number of months of your stay. It has to be a stamped document by your bank. You can also present your bank statement stamped by your Spanish bank with your ingoing and outgoing payment movements for the last 6 months with a value of 600 euros and a minimum amount of 3200 euros.
  • ccredited documentation that proves you have medical insurance with coverage for hospital visits and accidents for your entire stay in Spain. Repatriation is not necessary in the case of NIE renewal
  • Three recent photographs, I’D sized, in color and with a white background.
  • Current registration of residency certificate.

In the case that you want to extend your stay, but you only have a visa of less than than three months, you can go to the Spanish consulate or office in which you applied for your visa and state you are extending your stay to complete ”ESTUDIOS TOTAL 180 DIAS.” This extension may extend to three months in a period of six. You have to follow the same processes for the renewal of your NIE, the only difference being you have to present a police certificate from the country you’ve lived the past five years, authenticated and translated into Spanish or Catalan.

If you are denied the extension, you can ask to be informed of the motives in a formal manner, with a guarantee of an appeal.

Registration process with BCNLIP to renew NIE in order to extend the duration of your studies

To follow the process of your renewal you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the following link:
  3. write your NIE number / date of application (dd/mm/yyyy) / date of birth
  4. click on CONSULTAR

If you are already a student at BCNLIP:

To obtain our certificate of approval you need to complete a level test and have attended 80% of your classes. We remind you that in order to obtain the certificate for the completed course, you have to arrange a time with our examiner to be able to do the exam. You can do this via email to or in person at reception.

For the renewal of courses we give a 10% discount and free registration.

If you come from another school:

You need to pay a registration fee of 200€ which includes your first book and legal consultation + long term course. Remember that we have special prices for long term courses.

If the renewal is denied, the school will reimburse the whole price of the course, it will only maintain the registration fee.

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