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English immersion class



BCN LIP (Language Immersion Programs) Language School is an academy founded by school director Sofia Pariente Buzón in 2008. Our name demonstrates the philosophy that we wish to impart, that our programs are based on real life learning in useful contexts.

Our Staff


Born in Barcelona in 1974, Sofia Pariente Buzón traveled to the United States at the age of 17 to finish high school, and received a BA in English and Spanish Philology from the University of Barcelona in 1997. In 1998, she received a postgraduate degree in Postcolonial Literatures. And in 2001, she completed a course in Spanish as a foreign language for teachers at the International House. Since 2002, she has worked as an educator in different centers in Barcelona, and in 2008 founded BCNLIP. She has been the director and a teacher at the school since its inception.

 If there is one unique difference between BCNLIP and other schools, it is that we treat our students in a very personal and real way. As director, I like to get to know all of the students personally and help them with everything they need. For this reason, I do my best to spend the majority of my time at our school meeting their needs and ensuring their satisfaction at all times. For me, among all of the duties involved in management, caring for the students is the most important part.

Management team

Carlos Puga Accountant and coordinator of the CCSE exam
Maria Selezneva
Maria Selezneva Administration and Reception
Irada Gardashova
Irada Gardashova
Alisa Smolskaya
Viktoriia Uskova
Cassius Guimarães

Our teachers

All of our teachers meet the following academic requirements:

Academic requirements

  • University degree in a humanities or language field, preferably Hispanic philology
  • Having completed an ELE course, or a language teaching course
  • Minimum of 2 years experience as a language teacher
  • Having mastered a foreign language
  • Publications related to teaching are valued
  • Interest in continued training is valued

Personal requirements

  • Dedication to teaching.
  • Responsibility and punctuality.
  • Motivation capacity.
  • Interest in other cultures.

Spanish Teachers

In order to provide our students with quality education, updated curriculum, and to enable learning in a way that is dynamic and interactive, our teaching team meets monthly to discuss the latest developments and coordinate the different school activities. Each teacher has an important role in this process:

Alejandro Danilo Saenz Head of Studies
Elisenda Torrell Cascallo Head of DELE exams management
Maria Carmen Domingo Bernal
Jordi Anglada Guinot
Maria Velazquez Prados
Maria Velazquez Prados Student of the Month
Andres Mercado
Cesar Rojo
Elena García Lorca
Carlos Alberto Garzón
Valeria Dimaté Campos
Mònica Ventura
Javi Martínez Jareño
Miguel Cano Díaz
Noelia Sanz Events coordinator
Carlos Hernández Martín
Carlos Hernández Martín

Other Languages

Elisenda Torrell Cascallo Catalan
Jordi Anglada Guinot Portugese, Catalan
Jero Férec English
Eric Stone French
Oleg Garous Russian

Our services

Virtual Tour & Gallery

Virtual Tour & Gallery

Center equipped for handicapped students: entrance with ramp and bathroom with hand bar.

WiFi connection.

Delivery of diploma and certificate of achievement at the end of the course

Computers available for students and teachers.

Free cafeteria with coffee, teas, water, pastries, candies, and more, all day.

Air conditioning and heat.

Check-out service for books and films.

Free newspapers and magazines in various languages.

Airport pick-up.

Housing near the school and with host families.


Monthly activities, such as festivals, nights out, and daytime excursions. Linguistic immersion activities integrated into the courses

Support for foreign students seeking official documentation, such as the NIE and student visas.

Free linguistics exchange service

Constant hours of public attention via a mobile phone and email.

Multilingual advice regarding different aspects of life in Barcelona: culture, activities, gastronomy, festivals…

8 classrooms, minimum 4 students — maximum 15 students


Just as we are a language school situated in the most cosmopolitan and multicultural part of Barcelona, our students are of all nationalities, cultures, and ages. If you would like to know more about our open-minded environment and the openness that characterizes us, check out what our students think about our classes and hear about their experiences. All in all, they are the heroes!

Who is Our Student of the Month?

Who is Our Student of the Month?


Our Philosophy

Learning a language – means living it!

  1. We teach the four key language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) but we place special importance on speaking. We ensure that our students are speaking from day one.
  2. We use a communicative method that is based on the task-based approach: we encourage our students to communicate in everyday situations where they have to practice what they have learned.
  3. We pay special attention to our activities and events. They are an important part of our educational ethos, reflecting the multicultural and diverse spirit of the school and presenting the perfect opportunity to practice speaking languages beyond the classroom. It is important that our students understand that the activities and events are not only for socialising, but are designed specially to help students live outside the school environment.
  4. We have regular assessments so that our students are motivated in class and are given a clear indication of their progress. We offer extra revision classes when we consider them necessary in order for students to keep up with their courses. Likewise, both our teachers and our school also undergo continuous assessment.
  5. Our school spirit is animated and innovative as we are constantly changing and adapting to embrace new technology, new forms of learning, the best materials, most original activities …
  6. In order to encourage a good atmosphere in the classroom and to ensure a dynamic learning environment, we have created these rules of behaviour for the classroom. They are also a reflection of your own demands as students.

The 10 Commandments of BCNLIP

  1. Thou shalt not be late
  2. Thou shalt not use the mobile phone in class
  3. Thou shalt not take breaks in the middle of the class
  4. Thou shalt not speak thy native language
  5. Thou shalt respect thy teacher
  6. Thou shalt come to class prepared and respect your classmates
  7. Thou shalt take the level test
  8. Thou shalt do your homework
  9. Thou shalt come to class regularly
  10. Thou shalt contribute to the good atmosphere in class

Why BCNLIP? Only One Reason…

We can talk about our method, our teachers, our facilities, our location, our warm relationships with students, our effectiveness … but we wouldn’t be saying anything different from other schools. Our commitment and dedication is absolute and we strive to achieve a dynamic and effective learning environment. But that’s something you will see for yourself when you come to visit us.

However, there is one essential aspect which is rarely spoken about, not only for a school but for everything in life, the love and care we put in to everything we do. And this is something you notice the first moment you walk through the door of BCNLIP: a mix of professionalism and personality that makes us very different.

If you want to learn effectively in a warm and personal environment, BCNLIP is your language school.

Student Manual

Student Manual

Press about us

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BCNLIP Language School has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes, the only International accreditation exclusively focused on teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

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