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Intensive Catalan Courses

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As you already know, in Barcelona we speak two Latin languages: Catalan and Spanish. These two languages coexist in perfect harmony and it could be said that the Catalans are completely bilingual people. From abroad, sometimes it is thought that Barcelona is not a good place to learn Spanish, or they are completely unaware of Catalan and do not know that this is the native language of Catalonia. Consider that Catalan is the ninth language in Europe (it has as many speakers as Swedish or Greek), the eighth on the Internet, and is an official language in Andorra and co-official with Spanish in 3 Spanish autonomous communities (Catalonia, Valencia, and the Balearic Islands).

At BCNLIP, we believe that the bilingual nature of Barcelona is part of its charm and its great cultural and linguistic wealth. The two languages are completely complementary. Barcelona is, at the same time, one of the great capitals of Spanish and the undisputed capital of Catalan.

Our school has extensive experience in teaching Catalan through a professional, native, and highly qualified team. We welcome students from all over the world with study visas who come to study Catalan for extended periods. We also offer Catalan courses for people living in Barcelona who want to take a course to expand their knowledge or integrate into the local culture.

Long-term Catalan courses (suitable for student visa)

The 20-hour weekly Catalan program must complete levels A1, A2, and B1 by the end of the 12-month course.

From levels A1 through B1, students have 10 weekly hours of general language course, 8 hours of workshops and 2 hours of immersion classes.

For students at the B2 levels, we will offer 3 types of courses:

1 – General 20-hour weekly courses: These will follow the same format as previous courses and will be conducted with a minimum of 5 students.

2 – Immersive B2 Catalan classes + Discover Barcelona program.

This program focuses on 3 fundamental objectives:

– Completing your B2 level of Catalan.
– Studying the complexity of Barcelona from various perspectives: urban planning, economy, infrastructure, culture, sports, food, art, history, its brand, and its future.
– Offering you the opportunity to create your own cultural routes.

The course consists of 20 weekly hours and is divided into 3 parts:

a. B2 Catalan classes and independent work.
b. History of Barcelona classes and route preparation.
c. Carrying out the routes with a teacher and your classmates.

3- B2 Catalan course focused on volunteer work:

It is an intensive-practical course of 20 hours a week and is organized by the BCNLIP Foundation. In this program, you will work on linguistic, professional, social, and psychological competencies with the goal of completing your B2 level while engaging in volunteer tasks. The program consists of 3 parts:

a. B2 Catalan classes and independent work.
b. Volunteer internships.
c. Tutorials for project completion.

Intensive Catalan courses

At Bcnlip, we offer intensive Catalan courses that will help you learn the language quickly and practically. With options ranging from 10 to 20 hours a week, our courses are designed to fully integrate you into the Catalan language and culture. Whether you are seeking rapid learning for professional or personal use, our intensive programs will provide you with the skills and confidence needed to master Catalan. Join us and experience an effective and dynamic way of learning!

1 month/10 hours per week210€
2 months/10 hours per week399€
3 months/10 hours per week599€
Sign-up fee + first book60€

Our teachers

Elisenda Torrell Cascallo
Ferrán Martínez
Nerea Yera
Lluís Pérez
Gagandeep Singh
Xavier Escudé
Estefania Montero
Victor González

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