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Learning a language – means living it!

One thing that differentiates us from all the other schools is the quality and variety of the activities we offer to our students. The capital letters LIP in the name of our school stand for: Language Immersion Programs, which relates to our attitude about learning – the fact you would be able not only to learn, but actually live the linguistic experience you find here, taking what you have learnt beyond books and classrooms.

The social activities in our school are a part of the learning process and are integrated within our courses and programs. Every month we choose a different ’theme of the month’, which is worked on during the whole week and the weekly Friday activities and culminates throughout the events and excursions.

Immersion classes

Every Friday, the intensive course program participants can take part in ’theme of the month’ related activities such as roads, debates, movies, songs… These classes are very important since they reflect our philosophy of immersion within the learning process: you get to practice what you have learnt in a whole new different way.

Serge y Julia os contarán sobre las próximas clases de inmersión

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Discover Barcelona

In 2022 we have started a new adventure, Immersion Classes in the afternoons, where our history and Spanish teacher, Lluís Expósito, will invite us to discover the most unknown parts Barcelona.


Our events are also a part of our education program. It’s an incredible opportunity to practice the language you study, as well as getting to know different people and finding out more about our culture. Every month we will do our best to surprise you with a party or activity that will be once in a lifetime experience. What’s more is that you will participate in all of our events in a very proactive and direct way. You can see all of the information and actively participate in posts on our social media networks and perhaps find yourself in our photo and video gallery.


At BCNLIP we always have interesting excursions on offer which give you the chance to get to know the areas around Barcelona and enjoy the best festivals celebrated all over Spain. They offer unique experiences at unbeatable prices. Here you have some of our trips for this year but don’t forget to ask at reception as well and check out our social media as we are always open to new ideas and are flexible to the needs and desires of students.

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In Barcelona there are a great variety of cultural and social events on offer, not only in Spanish or in Catalan but also in other languages that reflect the great cultural diversity of this city. Our school offers you a carefully chosen selection of activities for every weekend and every month so that you never get bored in Barcelona and you can practice your language skills outside of the classroom. As always, don’t forget to visit our social media sites and our blog to see all that’s on offer!

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