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Learning a language means living it!

One thing that differentiates us from all the other schools is the quality and variety of the activities we offer to our students. The capital letters LIP in the name of our school stand for: Language Immersion Programs, which relates to our attitude about learning – the fact you would be able not only to learn, but actually live the linguistic experience you find here, taking what you have learnt beyond books and classrooms. The social activities in our school are a part of the learning process and are integrated within our courses and programs.

Immersive Cycles – Friday Program

Our Friday workshops and immersion classes cycles are divided into 4 levels: Basic – Experience, Elementary – Move, Intermediate – Integrate, and Advanced – Express yourself. Choose your level below to see more details about the programming.

The first cycle of Friday workshops and immersion classes lasts 12 weeks and is dedicated to helping basic level students – who have just begun to study Spanish – to become more deeply immersed in the language and in local life. To deepen the first contact with the language, students have phonetics workshops to practice pronunciation and listening comprehension to identify the prosody and characteristic phonemes of Spanish. In addition, they also have basic immersion classes, so that teachers can guide them in their first experiences outside the classroom: ordering food in a restaurant, shopping in a store, making payments, among other topics.


The second cycle of Friday workshops and immersion classes lasts 12 weeks and is dedicated to connecting language and movement, an immersive experience that allows for innovative contact with the language. Students have two workshop options in this cycle:

  • Spanish and Dance: Classes that connect the language learning experience with movement through dance. These workshops have a pedagogical plan developed by Claudia Fuentes, an artist, performer, dancer, choreographer, pedagogue, and interdisciplinary researcher. Her work is mainly linked to the body, dance, choreography, and experiences of encounter, collaboration, and reflection. Claudia is a pedagogue and holds a degree in Philosophy and Education, is a superior performer in Dance, and has a master’s degree in Performing Arts and Visual Culture.

  • Volleyball: Part of our spring/summer cycles. It is one of the most popular sports worldwide and also promotes integration among participants, facilitating language learning. This cycle will be led by Miguel Ángel Valenzuela, an athlete, dancer, and holder of a doctoral degree in language and cultural studies. Classes will take place at the beach in Castelldefels.

  • Football: Part of our autumn/winter cycles. It is one of the most popular sports worldwide and is also an activity that promotes integration among participants, facilitating language learning. This cycle will be taught by Iago Fernández León, who is a coach and sports psychologist and has worked with various football teams, including FC Barcelona, Terrassa FC, CF Badalona, and CE Júpiter. Classes will take place at the Vall d’Hebron-Teixonera municipal football fields.

Immersive experiences outside the classroom that encourage students to get to know Barcelona’s life from within, covering multiple aspects such as art, history, culture, gastronomy, and local traditions. The goal of this cycle is to stimulate students to integrate not only into their groups but also into the neighborhood, the city, and the local culture. The classes are taught by our teachers Esteban, Karina, and Lluís, who meet with their groups weekly at a meeting point – one of our schools in the Gothic Quarter or in the Eixample area – and from there, take the students on immersive learning routes.


Immersive experiences designed with the intention of stimulating students to imagine and create in Spanish. In this cycle, creativity will be stimulated through theater, storytelling, and puppetry workshops, in which students will create a piece from scratch that will be presented at the end of the cycle. Advanced cycle students also have the additional option of attending an extra immersion class: immersive routes through the streets and culture of Barcelona with Lluís.


Engaging with Spanish through physical activity provides an immersive experience: the living language, beyond the textbook. This type of experience allows you to learn out of necessity, focuses your mind on what you’re hearing, and emphasizes the importance of that language. The classes will be taught by Alexa Kalinina, the creator of Kalinayoga, a yoga method that incorporates elements from other disciplines, such as psychology and medical massage. It’s an approach to yoga that concentrates on the mental aspect, accessed through the body. All levels starting at A2.

Every Friday at 6:30 PM at the school on Plaza del Duc de Medinaceli, we gather to watch a Spanish film and discuss it with teacher Juan Alfonso, who is in charge of curating the films and was a programmer, presenter, and host of a film club debate at the multidisciplinary center La Matriz in downtown Bilbao during 2017, called FilmoteKa Bilbao. He also participated and collaborated with the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid in 2019 in the programming of a film series. Signing up is mandatory in order to participate, you may sign up here in case there are spots available. All levels starting at A2.


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Our events are also a part of our educational program. They’re an amazing opportunity to practice the language you’re studying, meet new people, and learn more about our culture. Every month, we aim to surprise you with an activity you’ll never forget. Plus, in many of our events, you’ll also actively participate. The goal of these activities is to encourage students to become part of Barcelona’s social life and to deeply integrate into the local culture and neighborhood – Bcnlip is a member of Amics de La Rambla, an association that protects the tangible and intangible heritage of La Rambla. Below you can see our most recent event, and you’ll also find more photos and videos on our social media.


At BCNLIP we always have interesting excursions on offer which give you the chance to get to know the areas around Barcelona and enjoy the best festivals celebrated all over Spain. They offer unique experiences at unbeatable prices. Here you have some of our trips for this year but don’t forget to ask at reception as well and check out our social media as we are always open to new ideas and are flexible to the needs and desires of students.

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