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Spanish Nationality – DELE/CCSE


The DELE A2 test or higher is an exam that evaluates your competence in Spanish. The minimum level required for Spanish nationality purposes is A2. We recommend taking this test first and then the CCSE test.

We offer courses throughout the year at levels A2, B2 and C1. Currently, DELE exam preparation is part of the immersive cycle program in our long-term intensive courses. More information about the DELE exams here.

BCNLIP is a DELE examination center that usually carries out all the calls for all levels offered by Cervantes in each call. You will take the test at our center, but remember that registration can only be done through the Cervantes website. Once you have enrolled with us, you can contact us for any questions about test changes or special needs.

DELE 2024 dates

A216 February10 January
A2, B1, B2, C112 April15 February
A2, B1, B2, C112 July15 May
A213 September17 July
A2, B1, B218 October4 September
A2, B1, B2, C1, C223 November9 October

The test of constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain (CCSE test) is an examination test prepared by the Cervantes Institute that evaluates, through different tasks, the knowledge of the Constitution and of the Spanish social and cultural reality. It is one of the requirements established in the laws for the granting of Spanish nationality for Sephardic Jews originating in Spain, and for the acquisition of nationality for residents in Spain, as appropriate.

The school does not offer CCSE courses (you can find all the detailed syllabus on its website), but it can prepare you for the DELE exam, as we previously informed.

Who can take these tests?

The test is meant for all those people who want to obtain the concession of Spanish nationality. Candidates of any nationality over 18 years of age and with legal capacity to act can register to take the CCSE tests. Keep in mind that illiterate people or people with learning difficulties, minors, people with judicially modified capacity and people who have been schooled in Spain and have passed compulsory secondary education are exempt from the exam. For some cases, it is necessary to contact the Ministry of Justice.

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