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Dec 2018 Nga


1. Could you introduce yourself? Tell who you are, where you are from and what you do.

Hi BCNLIP, I’m Nga and I’m from Vietnam. I’m 28, I worked 4 years as a Logistics Manager and now I’m studying Spanish and doing a Master in Supply Chain Management. I love doing sports, listening to Latin music, hiking or going to the beach. In my free time, I enjoy reading psychology and businessbooks.

2. How long have you been living in Barcelona and why did you choose this city?

Almost a year. I love learning the Spanish language and I decided to quit my job to pursue my passion: to discover a new culture in Europe. Barcelona is a marvellous ancient city with beautiful latin culture. In addition, people here are very friendly so I’d like to live here to study both the language and my master.

3. There are many interesting places in Barcelona, is there a spot you particularly like?

I like Poblenou with its beaches. It’s really nice, I watching the sunset with my friends. Montjuic is spectacular too with its 360 view of the city.

4. You’re currently studying Spanish with us. It must be very different from your mother tongue, what do you like most about our language? What do you find most difficult?

I agree, Spanish is so different, espcially grammar. So I have a new objective to study Spanish more and improve my level. I like the pronunciation and I want to speak your language well.

5. Let’s talk about our school, what you like most about BCNLIP?

I’m really happy to have chosen your school because the teachers are very professional, passionate and they teach us well. There’s always something going on for the students to understand the Spanish culture better. I’m having a good time with you guys. I love studying with Mayka, she so much fun, friendly and she’s helping me a lot with my grammar and writing, she’s fantastic. Thanks for everything, BCNLIP!

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