Cancel the class

You can cancel and save your classes when you can´t come to the school. Fill in the form below, and your classes will be saved.

Write all the days when you will be absent in one form, don´t create separate forms for each day.

Remember: for a short-term course you can fill in the form only 5 times per trimester.
Long-term course: 10 times per trimester.

You can save only the hours of a General course, Grammar and Conversation workshops (Writing and Phonetics workshops are free for visa students and cannot be saved).

Please remember that you need to attend minimum 70% of the course to get your final certificate.

You can use your saved classes during 1 year after the cancellation date. You cannot transfer your saved classes to other students.

To cancel a private class, please write an email to or call to the school: +34 933186591.

How to use your saved classes

You can use saved classes within the duration of your course by doing more hours or in the end of your course if you don´t have your NIE with BCNLIP.

Visa students

If you are not planning to renew your NIE with BCNLIP you can extend your course with the remaining hours. We cannot deduct the hours you have not used in the new course if you need the NIE renewal.

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