Here you will find general information about obtaining a student visa, information differing in origin country (if the information does not appear here, ask us, we have our legal assistents!)

Absence note

When you can’t come to classes, please fill in the form below to notify the school about your absence. Write all the days when you will be absent in one form, you don’t need to create separate forms for each day.

Long-term courses or courses for a student visa: We would like to remind you that long-term students must inform the school about their absence in case the consulate, extranjería or police requests this information. It is not possible to save or recuperate missed class hours for students with long-term courses. Please remember that you need to attend minimum 70% of the course to get your final certificate.

Short-term courses or courses without a visa: cancellations or any modification must always have been made before starting the course. A final date is calculated taking into account the cancellations previously agreed with the School. Unless specifically agreed with the School, cancellations or modifications of dates during attendance and schedules that are proposed or requested by the course for any reason will not be accepted, so the end date of the course can never vary.

If you have not been able to attend a class without prior cancellation, in the Spanish and Catalan courses the school gives you the opportunity to recover them on Fridays, prior notice to the school so that it can include you in the list of the lesson.

In the other languages, if the class is cancelled by the whole group, there is the possibility of recovering it at another time and day whenever possible for the school.

To cancel a private class, please write an email to or call to the school: +34 933186591.

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