Here you will find general information about obtaining a student visa, information differing in origin country (if the information does not appear here, ask us, we have our legal assistents!)

NIE/TIE renewal documents and process

You can renew your student card (your NIE/TIE) online and in person. The process is almost the same for both options.

NIE renewal online

It is possible to renew your NIE/TIE online ONLY if you have a digital certificate. You can get it only before the expiry date of your student card. If your TIE has already expired and you do not have a digital certificate, it is impossible to renew it online.

  • Digital certificate (you can get it at the Ayuntamiento)
  • Passport
  • NIE card
  • Tax: model 790 052 paid
  • Documents from the school for the next period of studies
  • School certificate confirming the previous period of studies
  • Medical insurance for the new period
  • Bank certificate from a Spanish bank (for 12 months you have to show possession of €7000-€8000)
  • Empadronamiento

School Renewal Service: €50, cash

Just bring us your documents and we will do the rest!

After the payment we will:

  • fill in and print two tax forms: one for the renewal itself and one for the new NIE card which you will need later
  • get you the appointment for the digital certificate
  • check all your documents and scan them
  • apply online
  • when you get the result, we will print the two documents that will be required to obtain the NIE card.

NIE renovation offline

The list of the documents is exactly the same, but instead of Digital certificate which you don´t need, you shoud bring an application form EX 00 printed.

Then you go to any Registro Extranjería (for example, Carrer de Bergara 12, Carrer de Mallorca 278) with all those documents and apply in person. You don´t need any appointment.

Difference between onine and offline renewal

If you renew online, you will be able to download all the related documents right in your account on the website of extranjería. Those who do the renewal offline will have to wait for a paper letter.

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