Everything you need to know about Spanish Student Visa

BCNLIP is a Spanish language School in Barcelona. We are accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, the highest accreditation available to any Spanish language school in Spain. This gizves us the opportunity to offer you long-term courses that are necessary to get a Spanish Student visa. Each year about 500 students get their visas with our school. In general to date we have taught more than 10000 students from all over the world and we would love to welcome you to our student body!

What course do you need?

Is it obligatory to have a full time course of 20 hours per week from 7 to 12 months to get a renewable student visa. This course includes 3,5 hours of studies from Monday to Thursday and 6 hours on Friday. In BCNLIP we have a special offer: you pay only for 16 hours and 4 more hours you get for free! You can download our price-list in the form below. With BCNLIP there are no extra charges!

If you need the original documents to be sent to your country, we will send them with no additional payments. Moreover, your first book, all your exams and certificates, school library, school cafeteria, monthly events, consultancy on the process of getting the visa, and much more – all that is free for you!

Download our price list!

Leave your email and receive our latest detailed price list directly to your email. These prices are not published on the website.

Where do I apply from?

You can apply for the Spanish student visa from your country of origin or directly from Spain. We recommend to do it from your home country, because in this case the process is easier and usually cheaper.

If you want to apply from Spain, please contact us by email info@bcnlip.com or leave a message through our contact form, we will explain you some tricky things. Without knowing them you have high risks of getting a denial. Please, contact us in advance, because there are documents that you need to bring from your home country, and it takes time to get them.

What is the application process?

The process is almost the same in all countries and cities. Here are the main steps you need to follow:

  1. Watch our videos with the detailed explanations on every topic.

  2. Do the exercises together with the teacher and check yourself.

  3. Practice with your friends and keep moving on with the next videos!

The process can be slightly different depending on your country and city. We recommend to contact the consulate in your country/city to check all the details.

Meet your teacher: Dani Broncano!

Dani was born in a small village near Badajoz, Extremadura. He studied Audiovisual Communications and before long, guided by his love of the literary world, went on to train at “Escuela de Escritores Ateneu Barcelonés” (Barcelona) as a creative writer specializing in poetry, novels and short stories.

He began teaching over the course of two years spent living in Athens, Greece. He trained as a Spanish language teacher for adults and children and went on to continue his teaching career in Holland, where he taught in an academy for over two years.

Dani is a lover of languages, audiovisual art, writing and literature. Now at BCN LIP, he has found the opportunity to bring together two of his great passions: the world of audiovisuals and Spanish teaching. 

Not a beginner? Try a free class in one of the 86 online groups that are available now!

If you already know some Spanish, join our online lessons! Small groups of 3-6 students, all levels, different schedules, native teachers, general courses, grammar, conversation and exam preparation classes. Just let us know your level and we will send you all the options available!

Let’s start! Lesson 1

In this lesson you will learn how to start a conversation and talk about yourself. The lessons are in Spanish from day one, but don’t be scared! This is a very efficient immersion-based method learning method that we use in our school. The results are amazing!  Besides, each video has English subtitles. Try it out now!

Get the Most Out of It!

If you can’t wait until Thursday, and want to get the most out of confinement, check out these options: 

Join our intensive online classes!

Live classes by Zoom and Skype: from 4 to 20 hours per week! New group started on Monday!

4 hours/week: €18/week
8 hours/week: €32/week
Try one class for free!

Get instant access to other videos!

Get instant early-bird access to all of our weekly videos plus interactive exercises and quizzes!

Standard plan: €6/month
Premium plan*: €15/month

*your exercises will be checked by our teachers

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