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Entering Spain during quarantine

We are aware of the negative implications of the word quarantine and many of you might view this situation as bad news. This, however; could not be further from reality, now we can start celebrating two things:

Firstly, the contagion rate in Spain has lowered considerably and as a result must impose a strict quarantine on all those who wish to enter the country from abroad at these times. Secondly, new entry requirements have been established, we hope these will soon be extended to include those who wish to come to Spain to reside long-term. This is terrible news for tourism, but it is hopeful for students and future residents- two weeks is a small price to pay for a minimum 7 months of residency.

Until now, those authorised to enter Spain via plane or boat have been Spanish citizens or long term residents, as well as those who have been awarded concessions such as medical staff or those who work across borders whose work is deemed essential. Of all of these people, only medical and diplomatic workers will not need to undertake a quarantine.

In any case it seems that the Spanish border is opening up bit by bit. In Europe, Germany has declared it will open its borders on the 15th June and free-movement has been agreed between various countries- like at the border between France and the UK. Spain is starting to value its alliances with Italy for example. There has also been talk of establishing green-zones and connections between the best-recovered areas.

In fact, this week Brussels proposed a 3-phase de-escalation strategy:

  • Phase 1: Current mobility restricions apply
  • Phase 2: Mobility between countries that have reached phase 2
  • Phase 3: Business as usual in the Schengen zone.

Obviously, no dates are specified as this will depend on how each country can control the virus and inform us with every guarantee.

In BCNLIP we believe this interest in beginning to open up the borders as well as the establishment of entry rules is great news and we encourage all those interested to take advantage of the fantastic offers we are making available! We hope to see you in autumn, as we have already begun adapting our centres to cope with this new reality. We hope to improve both our in-school and our on-line so as to be able to offer the best possible comfort and security.

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