Here you will find general information about obtaining a student visa, information differing in origin country (if the information does not appear here, ask us, we have our legal assistents!)


VISA (Non-EU Students)

Starting from September 4, 2018, because of the changes in Royal Decree-Law 11/2018, foreign students can apply for a study visa directly from Spain.

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Process According to Course Duration

If you are not a national from the European Union, or from Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, or Switzerland, and you want to stay in Spain legally, the processes vary based on how long you want to study.

  • More than six months: you need to obtain a type D study visa from your country of origin, and then a residence card for students (NIE) during the first 30 days of your stay in Spain.
  • Between three and six months: a type C visa is required, but you don’t have to do any other process in Spain. This type of visa doesn’t permit the application for a NIE upon arrival to Spain.
  • Less than three months (90 days): a short stay, type C visa is required, and will not allow you to obtain a NIE when you arrive to Spain.

Processing the Student VISA

Necessary processes for applying for a student visa at the Spanish consulate in your country of origin:

  • Preinscription at a public or private educational institute in Spain.
  • Go to the Spanish consulate to process your student visa with the acceptance letter from the school you’ve applied to.

Necessary documents for the student visa process:

  • Current passport
  • Admission to an academic institution (coursework and research both accepted)
  • The content of your study plan you plan to complete
  • Health insurance that covers, during your stay in Spain, medical expenses and repatriation in case of accident or sudden illness.
  • The disposal of the means of livelihood and accommodation during the required period, and where appropriate, to guarantee the return to the country of origin.
  • Certificate of Absence from Police Records from the country you’ve lived in the past five years
  • Up-to-date medical certificate that says you are inoculated against all of the prevalent conditions and diseases of a given country.
  • Proof of financial means and housing for the period of time you are applying for, as well as a set return date
  • Certificate from the law agency of your country of origin (where you have lived for five years or more) clearing you to enter a new count

Do you have medical insurance?


The company AME collaborates with BCNLIP, offering special prices and services to our students. You can utilize your home insurance, but remember that you should contact our center first.

Enrollment process with BCNLIP for the VISA application

Once you have decided to study in Spain and you’ve thought through all the necessary points regarding obtaining a visa, you should begin the process of enrolling with us:

  1. Contact BCNLIP to confirm the duration of your course, the dates, schedules, types of study… Remember that you can start classes any time of year.

  2. Make the payment through a bank transfer, bank card or via PayPal. The payment will reflect the totality of the course and is divided into two parts:

    1. Registration: includes the first book, documentation sent to you in you (based on your country of origin), visa documentation, and counsel on obtaining the visa. We help you with medical insurance and the NIE application process once you arrive in Spain. Take into account that the prices of lawyers are very high. The price is different for those who do not need a visa. The payment is not refundable.
    2. The course: the price will depend on the number of hours and duration of stay, and is refundable in the case of not obtaining VISA (just take a look at our General Terms and Conditions). At BCNLIP we offer special courses and prices for long-term students, you only have to contact us and enquire about our offers.
  3. Send your scanned passport page with the payment document via email.

  4. BCNLIP will hand in the necessary documentation to present to the consulate: the invitation letter, the enrollment paper, the payment certificate, and program of study.

    The way you send in the documents will vary based on the requirements of the consulate.

  5. Documents will be presented in the Spanish consulate with whom you’ve corresponded, which will be followed by a waiting period. The waiting period depends on the consulate.

  6. You will contact the school once you’ve received your response. This can be done anytime, so long as you confirm the start date of your studies with BCNLIP.

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