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Mar 2020 Joshua Garber

We close the Month of Spirituality with the student of the month, Joshua Garber, a person that lives his spiritual side very deeply. His spirituality has brought him to Barcelona, where he does some inspiring missionary work. Here you can get to know a little bit more about him:

1) To you, learning a new language is…
… a labor of love. Truth is learning a new language to me is a struggle, not a passion. In fact, my wife Alisha was chosen as a student of the month almost two years ago, which shows how much better a student she is. It’s been worth it, though. We moved to Barcelona to aid a community of faith, but that is not possible without building relationships… and this can only happen when you can communicate and understand local culture. Now I’ve got friends that speak no English, which has made my life incredibly rich. I can’t imagine the path so far without the BCNLIP community.

2) What’s your favorite word in Spanish?
My favorite word in Spanish is “esperanza”. The way it transmits two vaguely related things in English – “hoping” and “waiting” – has brought me so much introspection. The ability this word has to translate into both is special. Also, to me there’s a spiritual dynamic: the idea for which we work and wait (hopefully wait) for a better future.

3) Your favorite place in Barcelona to relax or disconnect is…
… the music rehearsal space where I meet Carlos H., a teacher at BCNLIP. Before moving abroad in 2012, I was very active on the local underground music scene in Phoenix, Arizona. I played the drums on a metalcore group, a surf-rock group, an anarchist punk/bluegrass band, and the guitar on an indie folk group. Thes groups were both a creative outlet and a source of community for me. In contrast, the underground scene in Barcelona is either hidden or doesn’t exist, so I felt I was starving creatively until I met Carlos a year ago or so, as I was making a video for the school.

4) Define your experience at BCNLIP in two or three words:
To find my voice.

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