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Feb 2020 Euna Yong

Our student of the Month of Music is Euna Yong from South Korea. She plays the piano with the same daintiness that has gotten all of us charmed by her – including Lili. She was one of her favorite students!

Here you can get to know a little more about her:

Hi, glad to be here.
My name is Euna, it sounds like “Lluna”, which means moon in catalan. I’ve been in Barcelona for 1 year and 10 months.
I’d like to live here because Spanish culture seems so familiar to me, people are friendly and open.
And… I work as a Korean language teacher. I’ve also played the piano at the Korean church since I was 7.
I’d like to thank all teachers at BCNLIP! If I hadn’t known you, I wouldn’t have learned Spanish as much as I have.
Thank you so much for picking me as student of the month.

1) To me, learning a new language is…
A wonderful goal. It’s not that easy, though. If I can get to top level it’d be very fulfilling.

2) What is your favorite word in Spanish?
¡Ánimo! To me it defines Spanish culture well, there’s so much positive energy here to cheer you up.

3) Your favorite place in Barcelona to relax and disconnect is…
Gracia, the neighborhood. It was the first neighborhood I lived in when I arrived in Barcelona, so I feel nostalgic towards it. Also, it’s such a cool environment, there are so many cozy bars and restaurants.

4) Define your experience at BCNLIP in 2 or 3 words:
Friendship, sincerity, experience.

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