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All the latest information about Spanish Student Visas, arrivals to Spain and changes in the application process because of the COVID situation

17/07/2020 Foreign students arriving again!

✈️👩‍🎓 We’ve already received foreign students this week. Student visa is allowed.

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Studying in Barcelona: a dream slowly starting to come true!

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05/22/2020 Big news for foreign students in Spain

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Unfortunately, not all schools have had the capacity or the means to be able to adapt to on-line studies, nor have foreign students been advised correctly nor have they been able to renew their papers via telephone. This has caused panic amongst many foreign students in Spain. Is my time here up? Won’t they renew my papers? Do I have to go home to my country and re-start the visa process? What will happen once the state of emergency is over?

15.05.2020 Quarantine on arrival and opening the borders

It seems that the Spanish border is opening up bit by bit. In Europe, Germany has declared it will open its borders on the 15th June and free-movement has been agreed between various countries- like at the border between France and the UK. Spain is starting to value its alliances with Italy for example. There has also been talk of establishing green-zones and connections between the best-recovered areas.

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08.05.2020 NIE Renovation and Visa Application Proccess

In the case of study programs offered by independent language schools; most students who remain in Spain have been able to continue their studies on-line until further notice. Those who remain in Spain yet have still to receive their “TIE” card, must wait until immigration offices are opened. According the schedule, they will be opened on May 25 from 9 am to 9 pm. Which means that those who want to renew their NIE, can do it starting from May 25. What is the procedure for students who remain abroad having already been accepted on their course having completed the necessary visa requirements? What will happen to those residing outside of Spain who wish to begin their studies?

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01.05.2020 Who Can or Cannot Enter Spain?

If you have been wondering what is going to happen with your plans to stay in Barcelona or if the quarantine caught you whilst you were out of the country, we recommend this article in which we outline the measures currently being taken with regards to entering Spain, especially Barcelona. We tell the story of Alexander, a Russian student in BCN Lip who has just travelled from Moscow to continue with his plans in Barcelona.

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