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Next immersion class



28 Oct English immersion class

🎃Trick or treat? On our next English immersion class we’ll learn about the tradition of Halloween and make our own Jack-o-lantern! Sign up at

28 Oct Next immersion class

☠️ We’re about to have the last immersion class of the Month of Mystery! This Friday, Oct 30th, we’ll learn about legends and unsolved crimes in Barcelona with our teacher Karina. A2 level at 09:30 and levels from B1 on at 11:40 am. Sign up now through

26 Oct Grammar tip

🤓 Did you know that there are many ways to talk about your nationality in Spanish?
👉 You can use the structure “SOY + DE + COUNTRY”, like in “Soy de España”
👉 Or you can use the structure “SOY + NATIONALITY”, like in “Soy mejicana”.
🗣 Remember that, in Spanish, nationality changes according to gender! Guys say “Soy español” and girls say “Soy española”. What about you, “¿de dónde eres?”

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