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Next immersion class



13 Aug Barcelona is history!

🤓🏛️ Barcelona is history! The ruins of the Temple of Augustus are very close to our school, on the Paradís street. The temple was founded back on the time of the Roman Empire and its ruins were found in the late 19th century.

12 Aug Next immersion class

🏰😍 To learn a language means to live it! On our next immersion class we’ll learn more about the Medieval Barcelona!

12 Aug New FREE online class!

😎🏖 New FREE Spanish class on our YouTube channel! Today we’ll make a virtual visit to Barcelona! Click to watch the video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel and share the video with your friends!

12 Aug What I learned last Friday

🤓🏰 Last Friday on immersion class we played and awesome scavenger hunt game to learn more about the Roman wall in Barcelona. Here are some of the words we learned with our teacher César.

11 Aug New groups

👩‍🎓 Here are the new Spanish groups of our teachers César and Lola. Welcome!

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